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New border rules require Americans to hold breath from BC to Alaska

VANCOUVER – The government announced new regulations that will require all American travellers going to and from to hold their breath for the duration of their trip through the province.

With infections rising across the US and State being a particular hotspot, BC residents have become increasingly concerned that American travellers are not following the proper existing guidelines and could be spreading the .

“We understand that Americans have the right to travel to homes, jobs, families and whatever else goes on in Alaska,” said provincial spokesperson Sheila Anderson. “And of course they’re welcome to travel through our province, as long as they don’t breathe.”

CBSA agents were provided with the new protocols yesterday and anticipate a smooth transition. “The procedure is very similar to what people are used to,” said one agent. “The traveller will arrive at the border, present their identification and reason for travel, then they just need to take a real deep breath and hold it for 2500 or so kilometres.”

Some Americans are upset at the new regulations. “I think it’s pretty unfair to a lot of people,” said one traveller. “We’re heading up as a family so we’ve got four breaths to share, but others might not be so lucky.”

Others were taking a more technical approach to the new restriction. “I’ve been on that Lance Armstrong blood for the last little bit to prepare so I should be fine,” said another Alaskan resident heading north. “But it does get me a little miffed that if I just portaged my truck up the Fraser River I could probably avoid all this.”

After discussions with US officials the CBSA is considering allowing a second breath to be stored in a secure plastic bag for emergencies.