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Employee’s Zoom backgrounds more creative than his last 40 ideas

TORONTO – Local office worker Harvey Bibby surprised co-workers in virtual meetings this week with a series of marvelous meeting backgrounds, each more creative than the last, while contributing notably awful ideas.

Former cubicle-mate Sarah Blanders said at first she was impressed with Bibby’s mastery of the Zoom app. “Bibby showed up with a background that makes it look like he’s sitting on the Game of Thrones chair. It was awesome. Then he opened his mouth and suggested we pivot our entire business to Tik Tok. We’re an insurance brokerage.”

Bibby’s supervisor Erin Sheel was also impressed: “On Thursday, he had a backdrop that made it look like he was in the Captain’s chair on a spaceship and the whole meeting he said cool stuff like ‘Engage,’ and ‘make it so,’ even as he asked who was responsible for handling an account that had been clearly assigned to him.”

As the week progressed, despite really rad backgrounds, it appeared that Bibby’s notoriously low success rate for suggestions and ideas had not improved.

“I’m sitting here as the top performer for the last 3 months, but all anyone wants to take about is Harvey’s background that looks like he is constantly walking into the frame, being surprised by the meeting, and then dashing out. The man doesn’t even know what universal life insurance is!” said Steve Grant.

“Friday he comes in hot with a background of MY home office, as HIS background,” chuckled CEO Mary Hutton. “I was like, guess we can’t fire this guy now.”

At press time, Bibby was working on a new backdrop that would make it look like he was running away from the big rolling ball in Raiders of the Lost Ark while blowing off his filing duties to surf for a brown fedora.