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Optimistic woman only burns June pages of 2020 planner

TORONTO – As provincial governments are taking slow and measured steps towards loosening social distancing regulations, 26 year-old Montana Tremeshko destroyed only the June pages of her 2020 agenda in an act of unwarranted

“Sure, we’re getting hundreds of new cases everyday but I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!” said Tremeshko. “I am certain we’ll all be hanging in small cramped places with lots of strangers breathing on each other by next month! I love moshing at concerts I get dragged to by my !”

Tremeshko is a kindergarten teacher at Stompin’ Tom Connors Elementary School. She is known for her quirky earrings, cheerful personality, and running the school’s production of Paddington Bear: The Musical. However, what brings Tremeshko the most joy is her stationary supplies, most notably her Kate Spade planner, which is filled with stickers, graphs, and the apt quote “Nevertheless, she persisted” on the cover.

The burning of the June agenda pages happened on Tremeshko’s balcony where she made a small out of popsicle sticks and Saje Cedarwood essential oils. Along with the agenda pages, Tremeshko also destroyed pictures of her ex and her T4s because according to her ‘2019 didn’t count.’ 

In anticipation for what Tremeshko has dubbed “Cancer szn,” she has already scheduled the month with classes, church services, and bi-weekly appointments. The young woman has also written all of her plans in permanent marker. 

Friends of Tremeshko were concerned when she sent out multiple invites to a Canada Day party she was hosting. She noted that they did need to RSVP as soon as possible because she could only fit about 70 people semi-comfortably in her studio apartment. 

“I’ve asked her to join our social calls multiple times!” said friend Chelsea Virk. “But every time she refuses and she says ‘If I can’t be there to kiss on the mouth it’s not worth it!’”

Tremeshko is showing no signs of slowing down her plans. Recently she has been talking about moving her 2023 to mid-August.