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BlogTO real excited about that new Starbucks

TORONTO — Toronto’s online source for local culture, restaurant reviews and the best of the city is reportedly real excited about the new opening up in Commerce Court.

“Wow, this is cool!” posted the blog about a new pickup-only storefront for Starbucks, a coffee chain with over 30 000 locations worldwide. “Finally, the dream of grabbing morning lattes in Toronto with barely any human interaction will be a reality.”

The article has caused a stir among locals: “I’m so used to all the sad articles about beloved local restaurants shutting down,” said regular commuter Sarah Farrell. “It was really nice to see a positive one about a multinational chain location opening up”.

“It was great to read a description of the exact location, hours of operation and setup of the new café, plus two selling points from the official Starbucks press release,” said Toronto student Priya Joshi. “You can’t fake that kind of passion”.

Dominic Riley, head of marketing at BlogTO, has denied allegations that the post is sponsored content. “Sure, we post about Starbucks on a biweekly basis, but it’s only because we’re dedicated to reporting on Toronto’s culture. What could be more Torontonian than being blindly loyal to a faceless corporation? A faceless corporation that just released the Coconutmilk Mocha Macchiato, I might add.” Riley also pointed out that the article isn’t labelled as sponsored content, “so checkmate, dummies”.

At press time, BlogTO was busy posting an article on the housing crisis followed by a post of a $4 million mansion and a heart eyes emoji.