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Sport that definitely doesn’t have a racism problem suffers second racism scandal of month

CALGARY – Hockey, a sport that everyone agrees has absolutely no problem with racism and if you say otherwise you are a social justice warrior trying to stir up trouble, is currently being plagued by its second major racist incident of the past month.

“Yes, what said was abhorrent. Just like what said was abhorrent,” said fan Keith Bach. “But these are simply isolated incidents that have absolutely nothing to do with a sport culture and infrastructure built entirely by white men for their own enjoyment.”

“I think the real concern here is the damage this incident will do to the #FireJessAllen movement,” he added.

Currently 93% of players are white, as are 100% of head coaches and GMs. There are few black players in the NHL, which all the people being paid to talk about hockey on tv say has nothing to do with things like a black player having a banana thrown at him while he was taking a penalty shot, and is probably because of hip hop culture or video games or something.

“The important thing to remember about these NHL racism stories is that they definitely do not represent the tip of an iceberg of abuse and racism that players of colour playing minor and junior hockey endure everyday from parents, opposing players and their own team. Thank god that isn’t happening right?” added Bach.

The NHL would not comment while an investigation into Peters is underway. Sources did admit they are at least thankful the racism scandal is covering up for the league’s massive problem.