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5 best pizza slices in Toronto even though you’re just going to get Pizza Pizza again

is a foodie’s delight. And as much great as there is in the , sometimes nothing beats a perfectly done slice of ‘za. Which is why we’ve ranked the most mouth-watering slices in the city that you can ignore in favour of the stale cardboard covered in tomato drippings on offer at one of our 5 million locations.

1. Bitondo Pizzeria and Sandwiches

For just 3.95 a slice, Bitondo’s serves up huge, triangular slices that are basically a quarter of a pizza laden with sauce, ooey-gooey cheese, and awesome old- topping choices. But you go ahead and order that shriveled up Supreme slice that’s been sitting under the heat lamps since Harper was PM. You definitely won’t regret it.

2. North Of Brooklyn Pizzeria

This Queen West joint specializes in thin-crust slices of perfection, with exotic slices like the honey, sausage and jalapeno topped “Killer Bee.” I know you have been trained by society to think that, deep down, all you really deserve is a crusty re-heated abomination that barely meets the legal definition of pizza. But you deserve so much more. Believe in yourself!

3. Village Pizza

No, Village Pizza does not have fries like Pizza Pizza does. But they’re not even good fries! You know you could order a delicious slice from Village Pizza to go and then get fries from somewhere else on the way home right? Have you honestly never realized that?! What’s that? You already ordered a slice and fries combo from Pizza Pizza while I was explaining that? God Damnit.

4. Yeah Yeahs Pizza

This Halifax export is a must-visit. The variety in particular is so good you… What? I don’t know if they have a creamy garlic dipping sauce. You shouldn’t need a tub of garlic infused mayonnaise to make your pizza taste good. Even if they don’t you know what Yeahs Yeahs also doesn’t have? The ambience of 17 year olds fighting with each other while another asks for they key to the bathroom.

5. Fresca Pizza

Fuck it. I’m not even gonna bother. I was wrong. You and that garbage orange neon “restaurant” with the catchy jingle deserve each other. Enjoy your mediocre pizza you feckless coward. It will go well with your mediocre fries and mediocre life. I’m done. I’m gonna get started on my ‘Toronto’s 7 best burgers’ so people will have something to read while they wait in line at McDonalds.