Trudeau's popularity skyrockets in Quebec after revelation of brownface photos - The Beaverton

Trudeau’s popularity skyrockets in Quebec after revelation of brownface photos

QUEBEC – An Angus Reid poll has indicated that Liberal Leader has never been more popular in the province of Quebec since a 2001 high school yearbook revealed the then-teacher wearing brownface at a costume party.

Some 62% of Quebecers now say they would definitely vote for Trudeau after seeing the offensive Arabian Knight costume in a high school yearbook. The numbers only increased to a full 85% after respondents were told he is also pictured wearing blackface while in high school.

“Mr. Trudeau has proven himself as a star of Quebec’s multicultural theatre,” said one of the respondents. “We are very inclusive and representative here from a white person doing yellowface to a white person doing blackface, and every shade in between.”

Demonstrating the long discriminatory traditions of the province’s performing arts industry, many are hoping Trudeau returns for more impersonations.

The poll also found that Trudeau would sweep all 78 seats in Quebec if shown a video of the PM performing a Minstrel Comedy.

Despite the high praise for Trudeau’s, provincial officials launched an investigation into Trudeau for a potential violation of Bill 21 which eventually cleared the Prime Minister of any wrongdoing.

“We have confirmed that the subject in question was not an employee of the Quebec government and was wearing makeup,” said Quebec Premier Francois Legault. “Our secular laws are meant to target real people of colour, not fake ones.”