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Liberals fail to vet Montreal candidate

MONTREAL – The Liberal Party of Canada will be reviewing its vetting process after images of a candidate wearing brownface were revealed by Time Magazine.

, an up-and-coming hopeful for the party in the Montreal riding of Papineau, was photographed in a year book wearing brownface while wearing an Aladdin costume at a party.

He was 29-years-old and a teacher at the time and “probably should have known better,” explained a source.

“He was just some famous guy’s son and we thought this could give us the inside edge,” said one party insider. “He was well connected and had great looks. He could’ve been leader one day if something like this didn’t happen.”

The Liberal Party has not yet made an announcement on what they will do with Trudeau, whose actions stem from a long history of Orientalism.

“Thank goodness this man wasn’t a cabinet minister or, worse, the prime minister because that could be quite embarrassing for the country,” added the insider.