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Millennial lottery winner excited to finally quit one of his five jobs

– Thirty-one year old Michael R. Fernandez announced today that his recent winnings will allow him to finally hand-in his notice of resignation at one of the five jobs he currently works at. This will let him live out his lifelong dream of only working four part-time jobs.

“I love being a graphic designer,” stated Fernandez, adding that this surprise cash injection will let him finally live out every freelancer’s fantasy of supplementing their income with only four additional jobs. “It’s such a relief!”

He went on to explain that, “Graphic design is my passion, so I haven’t really been counting it as my sixth . Also I haven’t figured out how to make money doing it yet.”

In addition to his freelance graphic design work, Fernandez is also currently a food delivery courier, a dog walker, a teacher’s assistant, a barista and a short-haul airline pilot.

The British Columbia Corporation has revealed plans to make Fernandez the face of their newest promotional campaign aimed at urban , who are increasingly turning to lotteries as a financial planning strategy. The campaign will run under the slogan “Who knows? It might help a bit with !”

“We’ve actually started creating scratch cards specifically targeted at millennials,” stated BCLC marketing chief Vic Westfall. “Our top prizes include Being Able To Open An RRSP; Affording A Trip To The Dentist and the jackpot – For Life (formerly known as ).”

Image by Jowanna Daley from Pixabay
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