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John Wick 3 Review: Is this, like, feminism?

is a collection of social and political movements with the goal of achieving equality of the genders. : Chapter 3 – Parabellum is a stylized action movie about a highly trained assassin who is dealing with the ongoing consequences of a killing spree he embarked on after his dog was murdered.

Like most of the audience, I went into the screening of John Wick 3 with one burning question on my mind: is this feminism? I think I can speak for everyone who’s seen it when I say, yes, that is what I had on my mind.

There are many ways to approach the question of whether John Wick 3 is feminism. Is it second-wave feminism, post-structural feminism, afro-futurist feminism? Does it take a biological reductionist view of sex roles or focus on gender as pageantry playing out in an inescapable social environment? Does it examine the role of ecofeminism in an increasingly unstable geo-political climate? Discussing specifically how John Wick 3 addresses these issues (or makes just as strong a statement by intentionally ignoring them) would obviously count as massive spoilers, so for the purpose of this review I’ll just say, you won’t be disappointed.

And it’s definitely, probably not communism.

Score: 3 out of 5 Georgia O’Keeffe paintings