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Game of Thrones writers petition fans to write their own goddamn show, if they’re so smart

HOLLYWOOD – After a demanding that the writers of rewrite the final season received over half a million signatures this week, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss fired back with a rebuttal petition inviting fans to create their own hit series, if they think they’d be so much better at it.

“We named our petition ‘Just try and write a massive fantasy epic as well as us, you ungrateful little shits,” exclaimed Benioff, smoking a joint made from a rolled-up thousand dollar bill. “I’d love to see them do it. I’d love to see them condense 1500 individual plotlines into one season in a way that makes everyone happy, without any source material whatsoever. I’m sure they’ll do just great

Weiss agreed, emphasizing that the enormity of the task required some hard artistic choices and if you didn’t like the results, you could “suck a fat one and do it yourself.”

“They’re saying we ‘ruined the show’?” he scoffed from the roof of his solid-gold suite in LA. “We’re ‘woefully incompetent’? Just you wait until you’ve written the most successful show in . Just wait until you have 18 million people breathing down your neck to make sure Daenerys’ character arc is ‘logical.’ What are you gonna do, use common sense? No! You’re gonna burn stuff with dragons, because it looks awesome.”

“I promise you, if we have to re-write this season, the Walkers are gonna straight-up murder everyone in the first episode, so be careful what you wish for, assholes.”

Game of Thrones fan Christine Baker, who admitted to being quite disappointed in the last season, had strong reservations about Benioff and Weiss’ new petition.

“I , I get that they’re mad people are being so negative,” she mused. “I actually thought it sounded like a fun challenge. But did the petition just have to consist of an image of both of them giving us the middle finger on top of a ? That just seemed unnecessary.”

At press time, the new petition had received eight signatures, all from Benioff and Weiss under numerous fake .