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Local man says father “dumb enough” to fall for history’s largest, most sophisticated propaganda network

LANSING, — 25 year old administrator Jayson Milnerd has once again expressed astonishment that his Trump-supporting father is “so ignorant” as to fall for a multibillion dollar near omni-present media machine that has targeted him.

Milnerd has reportedly described his dad, Trevor, as “gullible” and “small minded” for believing media narratives that have been extensively focus-tested by a network of well-funded conservative think tanks, and broadcast to him up to 24 hours a day. “Sometimes dad kinda falls into that ‘small town’ mentality,” says Milnerd, referring to his hometown, which is nearly 100% saturated with agenda-driven right wing news.

“Imagine being one of the sheeple who falls for something as laughable as ,” said Milnerd, describing a complex media ecosystem comprising 24-hour cable news, conservative talk radio radio, weaponized social media data, and disinformation shared by well-funded Russian troll farms.

Thanks to a consistent diet of Last Week Tonight clips on YouTube, Milnerd is able to completely dismiss the relevancy of Fox News, a network whose reach and efficiency would have made Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels green with envy, particularly thanks to Fox’s army of attractive blonde hostesses.

In spite of the fact that Jayson is marginally employed and spends upwards of 6 hours a day online reading news, he has expressed confidence that “a little critical thinking,” should be enough to counter the combined efforts of SuperPACs, the , Cambridge Analytica, and other organizations funded largely with untraceable dark .

“If people like Dad just ignored (Rupert) Murdoch, we could finally have a sensible political discussion,” he added, utterly oblivious of the role played by the Koch brothers, the Mercers, and other billionaire plutocrats in the US and abroad who advocate the spread of global oligarchy.

Reached for comment, Milnerd’s father Trevor wished his son Jayson would “remember to call his mother once in a while.”

At press time, Jayson could not name a single member of Congress other than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and has never voted.