'Now do you see why I was covering this up?!' yells Trudeau at reporters - The Beaverton

‘Now do you see why I was covering this up?!’ yells Trudeau at reporters

OTTAWA – In the wake of Jody Wilson-Raybauld’s damning testimony an outraged spoke to reporters this morning, demanding they apologize for criticizing his prior efforts to stop her from speaking.

“Let her talk Justin. Let her talk,” said Trudeau in a whiny voice, imitating Don Martin of CTV News. “Do you understand why I was a little fucking reluctant to do that Don?!”

“Cover-up worse than the crime my ass!” he added.

Former AG Wilson-Raybould publicly accused Trudeau and his inner circle of using constant political pressure and veiled threats to try to intimidate her into giving a deferred prosecution, a shocking claim that has put Trudeau’s re-election chances in peril, and which “never would have fucking happened if I had just stuck to my original plan of maintaining solicitor-client privilege while sending her on a fact-finding mission to the Bermuda triangle.”

“Remember you wanted her to testify when you’re asking Prime Minister Scheer what he’s going to do about climate change causing all of Saskatchewan to melt,” Trudeau said before storming off.

At press time execs from SNC-Lavalin were still hoping to get that deferred prosecution agreement in place.