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Nanalan’: Canadian television treasure or collective children’s fever dream

Childhood, a time of innocence and also being a child, when the candy doesn’t hurt your teeth and movies are always just under 90 minutes. If you grew up in the late 1990s, you would remember how important television was to your formation when your parents would ignore you. Television commercials like “Don’t You Put it in Your Mouth”, and “What’s Your Thing?” were paid for by the government of Canada with obviously well intentioned messages for children, but what of those TV shows you would watch when you stayed home sick from school? Recent information has surfaced about the conspiracy surrounding children’s television show, ’, which may have or have not been a fever dream of the Canadian kid masses prompted by mysterious government agencies.

Nanalan’ is a show that follows a young girl named Mona, who is green and talks like a high teen whispering to her dog after coming in after curfew trying not to wake her parents. We follow Mona and the adventures she has at her grandmother’s house, a grandmother she affectionately calls Nana. The show is called Nanalan’, which is kind of close to Nana land, like the property that Nana owns, which is her house. Mona’s grandmother’s house. Do you see how obviously connected it all is?!

In my research I found that Nanalan’ was largely funded by an organisation called I.C.U.P., the Interprovincial Collective of Upstanding Parents, which is a branch of the Club, a pharmaceutical company specializing in children’s fever medicine. When asked for an interview, they gave no response, a suspicious move for a company with supposedly nothing to lose.

It seems that this investigative journalist has reached a dead end. There is much more to Nanalan’ than meets the eye, and one day someone will expose its truth. I did however find out that if you play Nanalan’ backwards without sound, the dub perfectly matches up with the White House Tapes. Coincidence? I think not.