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Couple enjoys romantic picnic dead centre of park’s off-leash area

Oshawa, ON – Sid and Sandy Jackson got their fifth wedding anniversary off to a charming start by having a celebratory picnic right in the middle of the off leash dog area of Lakefront West Park.

“The park was absolutely packed except for this one secluded fenced off area where no one was sitting. I thought It screamed romance,” explained Sid Jackson, 42. “Then about five minutes in, a bunch of came out of nowhere. I’m so sick of owners letting their do what they want. There should be like a separate park for animals, there I said it!”

While Lakefront West Park’s off-leash area is very well marked off with signs and dogs literally being off-leash in that one area; many couples find this part of the park to be an ideal area to sit on the ground and eat food products, while dogs freely run, slobber, and poo.

“It felt like we were in a petting zoo”, claimed Sandy Jackson. “Every two seconds dogs were running up and trying to take our food and being curious. How dare they! I was trying to set the mood by lighting candles, taking out a box of chocolates and having some wine; but then the dogs peed on my candles. And my wine. And my lap. Also one died from eating my box of chocolates. Dogs shouldn’t be in !”

Park managers attempt to take extra precaution when it comes to marking the off-leash dog areas, by signage and double fencing the area. However, fences and signs are no match for a warm summer afternoon, a packed park, and a willing ignorance that borders on narcissism.

Dog owners are the most confounded by the need for couples to enjoy in the middle of the one place their dogs are allowed to be. “They’re such hypocrites”, cites dog owner Grant Michelson, “If they’re allowed to picnic in the off-leash are then I’m allowed bring my Bull Mastiff with a bladder infection to your wedding.”

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