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Rich friend suggests going to concert

CALGARY – Dave O’Neil, a local man who must have family or something, has suggested to his group of friends that they all go see the upcoming .

“I think it would be a lot of fun,” texted O’Neil, without any regard for the fact that between ticket costs, ticketmaster fees, parking and beer prices he may as well have suggested a weekend trip to Bali.

Enjoying live concerts has long been the domain of the 1% and people who work for radio stations. Yet that didn’t stop O’Neil from thinking it a great activity for his underemployed friends.

“It’s not that much money,” said the man whose other leisure activities likely include golf, sailing, and hunting humans for sport.

“Honestly the idea that anyone without a corporate credit card could afford to see live music being played in an outdoor amphitheater with mediocre acoustics is insane to me,” said O’Neil’s friend Aastha.

“I’ve heard rumours that this was something everyday people used to do, but that sounds like when my english teacher told me that Shakespeare’s plays were written to appeal to the commoners.”

As an alternate plan O’Neil asked if anyone’s family cottage was free that weekend, because apparently he thinks his group of friends descend from landed gentry.

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