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ISIS claims responsibility for Ezra Levant

– The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for , a source has confirmed.

“Ezra Levant, soldier of the Islamic State, will continue to divide Canadians against one another with extreme prejudice while we watch the destruction of your nation from afar,” said an AMAQ agency release that must be true. “He’s an excellent recruiter for our organization and His videos, despite terrible production values, are one of the biggest recruitment tools our organization has. We don’t even remember this guy being on the payroll, but he’s worth his weight in gold.”

Neither Toronto nor the RCMP have claimed there is any real evidence connecting Levant with the terrorist organization, but that hasn’t stopped us from writing this article with so much certainty, it was like we haven’t been proven wrong hundreds of times before.

Further damning evidence of Levant’s connection to a terrorist organization is the pundit’s last name, which is linked to ISIL – The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Using the same integrity as journalists and pundits like Levant, we are hereby confirming an outright connection that the ‘Levant’ is referring to The Rebel’s co-founder.

Rumours have been swirling about Levant’s connection to ever since we alleged, without proof, that his recent trip to the Middle East was just a cover story for the fact that he was secretly training with elite ISIS soldiers.

Like many Postmedia outlets, our publication only reports on the highest standard of propaganda without any adherence to fact-checking or nuances.