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America divided over meeting between their leader and President Trump

HELSINKI, FINLAND- Tensions continue to rise in America in the wake of a private meeting between President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, Supreme Ruler of the United States.

Supreme Ruler Putin, has been official leader of the United States of America since January 2017 with his political influence having caught steam as early as June 2015 in as many as 46.4% of Americans. While the subject matter of the meeting isn’t totally known, many Americans speculate that it is a case of their leader giving advice to President Trump on how to pretend to run the country.

“I see no problem with the most powerful man in the White House meeting with our President,” says Alabama resident Kurt Tipper. “At first I was a bit skeptical about the whole situation but then many of my twitter friends, who are definitely also red blooded Americans, pointed out what a great idea it was, and now I’m convinced.”

While many see several glaring problems with a closed door meeting between the two politicians, others see it as just a classic meeting of the minds, one that is sure to have their mother country’s best interests at heart.

“He has many flaws, but I support Supreme Leader Putin’s ideas such as his stance on Universal healthcare,” stated Democrat voter Michelle Karally. “However, meeting with a despot like Trump is truly dangerous. Allowing the President to possibly influence our great leader is something all Americans should be concerned about.”

As of press time, President Trump was seen waiting in line to get coffee for Putin, while he was hard at work writing up bills to be introduced into US Congress for Republicans to pass.

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