REPORT: 93% of couples consider partner watching TV series ahead of them to be worse than cheating - The Beaverton

REPORT: 93% of couples consider partner watching TV series ahead of them to be worse than cheating

OTTAWA – According to an extensive survey conducted over the past year, the average person considers the act of watching new episodes of a television series without their partner, colloquially referred to as “Netflix cheating,” to be a bigger betrayal of trust than infidelity itself.

“I’d honestly rather walk in on my boyfriend 6 inches deep in my best friend than find out he watched the newest episode of Westworld without me,” says Tanya Elaice, a television fanatic who is 2 years into a committed relationship. “It’s just such a betrayal of trust, finding out that your partner doesn’t value you enough to remain faithful to your commitment of watching every episode together. I’d be devastated. Even if someone offered me one million dollars to watch an hour of television with him, I couldn’t do it. It would change everything.”

Collected data shows that as much as 56% of all relationships are formed as a means of having someone to watch television with, compared to only 38% forming through some physical or emotional connection.

Though the act the of watching ahead in a television series remains taboo to many, several open-minded couples have reported that they’ve begun embracing what they call a natural human desire to engage in television watching with multiple partners.

“Ever since my partner and I agreed to open our relationship up to other people, we’ve gotten closer than ever before,” states Becky Midorilla, a proponent for non-traditional relationships, most notably being a poly-televiewer. “Sometimes she’ll come home late at night and tell me that she just spent the evening watching 3 episodes of ‘The Crown’ with someone she met at the bar and I’m just happy to see someone I love finding pleasure in their life, one day we hope to get really wild and go to a viewing party together to meet others like us.”

With the act of watching television becoming an increasingly intimate aspect of most relationships, several young couples have already stated holding the act in high regard, some  even going as far as saying that they’re saving watching ‘Game of Thrones’ together until marriage.