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Man suddenly cares about homeless, veterans after hearing about Canada’s humanitarian aid to Syria

SUDBURY, ON – Upon learning that the federal government is sending $840 million worth of humanitarian assistance to war-torn Syria, Brian Meilleur expressed a sudden interest and compassion for Canada’s homeless and veterans.

“We should be taking care of veterans and homeless first,” said Meilleur in a Facebook post to his friends.

This spontaneous public statement of sympathy wasn’t the first time for Meilleur. In 2015, the HVAC technician stated his strong advocacy for Canadians in need when he learned the government would be taking in some 30,000 Syrian refugees, but took no further action.

“Canada and Canadians come first!” stated the man who, only yesterday, chastised a homeless person calling him “lazy” and how “he should get off welfare and get a job already.”

Many friends took note of the 34-year-old’s passionate appeal to help two arbitrary categories of people he regularly ignores until he reads a news items related to immigration, refugees, or .

“The only way to get him talking about poverty in Canada is when he sees a news story about Canada providing aid for people who will die if they don’t get help,” explained friend Blair Tarnikie while reading Meilleur’s recent post about refugees accessing free healthcare. “It really seems to get him going, but he’s told me how poor people are ruining his neighbourhood.”

“And it’s a shame how this government is short changing our vets so they can pay millions of our tax dollars to these corrupt regimes,” added the man who told his friends that cutting veteran services was necessary to balance the back in 2015

According to sources, Meilleur said he will continue to support the cause of taking away and give it to who he deems as deserving unless that will cost the taxpayers . Later, he changed his opinion on supporting the homeless after being asked to spare some change from a local panhandler.