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I just really, really like smiles


You may have noticed I found myself embroiled in a bit of a scandal this weekend. No not the one where I suggested immigrants are not real Ontarians. The other one where I repeatedly told , the sitting premier, that I “like that smile.”

Naturally the media jumped all over me, alleging it was the literal textbook example of sexism. But what they don’t understand, what no one understands is, that I just really like it when people smile.

Ever since I was a boy, for as long as I can remember really, I have enjoyed seeing people smile. The turn of their lips, the sudden flash of white teeth. The way it communicates everything you need to know about how that person is doing in the moment, without them saying a word.

Everything I’ve done in my life has been to make people smile. From manufacturing labels and tags to selling hash, its always been so I could see someone smile. Trust me, no one smiles as much as someone who just bought a brick of hash for 30 bucks less than he would have to pay Dale in Brampton.

Friends, family, even political opponents. I just want to see them smile. So is it so wrong that when Premier Wynne smiled at the start of our debates, I grabbed her hand and told her I liked it? In a world so screwed up, is complimenting someone on their own little piece of joy truly the worst crime?

There is so much darkness, so much pain in our lives today. We struggle to get through the day, to pay our bills, to care for our kids, to put food on the table. We turn on the news and see nothing but tragedy after tragedy. We are kept in a state of near perpetual fear about dangers that could arise at any minute.

Why not let in a little light into your daily life? Why not smile? Because when you do, know that your smile, has made someone else smile. And their smile made someone else smile. And on and on it goes. And I will be there, enjoying every second of it.

Also, I get off on it.

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