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Hardcore Marvel fans showing up early to watch Infinity War’s secret 160 minute pre-credit sequence

LOS ANGELES – While is known for inserting mid- and post-credit scenes into its films to keep fans in their seats while the credits rolls, Avengers: Infinity War is turning this practice on its head by including over two hours of pre-credit sequences.

“I mean, it’s just one Easter egg after another,” Marvel fan Sheila Jenkins said after her 7:30pm showing. “I feel kinda sorry for the people who aren’t in the know and don’t get there early enough to see all these incredible secret scenes.”

Marvel’s post-credits sequences are typically only a minute or two long and serve mostly as hooks for the next movie due to be released by the studio. However, Infinity War’s pre-credit teaser doesn’t just advertise the next film, it even tells a mostly contained story of its own.

“They really went all out,” fan Derek Lee enthused. “There are interconnecting plots, pivotal moments, deaths. All that bonus matieral must have cost, like, a million dollars.”

Taking their cue from Marvel’s experiment, Fox has announced a Deadpool 2 post-post-credits where if viewers that stay long enough they’ll be treated to the next showing of Deadpool 2.

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