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Local man unsure if Olympics just started or already over

WINNIPEG – After two weeks of competition, Pete Franklin is completely unaware if the Winter Olympic Games have just kicked off or finished days ago.

“I heard that the opening and/or closing ceremonies were spectacular” Mr Franklin raved before adding, “And how they lit, and or, passed on the torch was breathtaking.”

Mr. Franklin managed to ignore the non-stop promotion of the event throughout multiple forms of media. “I’ve been catching up on Better Call Saul but I’m seventy percent sure that if it has started, I haven’t missed the dog sled race.”

Last Friday Franklin thought he might have seen clips of the on a TV at a local bar, but inaccurately concluded that it was the opening of True Lies.

“But I am one hundred percent sure they took place in . I mean, will be taking place in ”, he mistakenly remarked.

Franklin has a long history of totally overlooking large-scale events such as repeatedly missing the Super Bowl, which he thought took place on a Saturday and sleeping through both the 92 and 93 World Series finals.

“At least there’s a silver lining. If I did miss it, I know that the Womens’ and Mens’ team will be bringing back gold.”

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