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Trudeau demonstrates support for middle class by wearing ‘two car garage’ socks

OTTAWA – Members of Canada’s embattled say they feel “heard and supported” after Prime Minister was photographed wearing embroidered with two car garages earlier this week.

Middle class Canadians, who have previously expressed concerns regarding the Liberal government’s tax reforms, overspending, and aspirational use of the word “promise”, seem totally pacified by this sartorial display of solidarity.

According to Madeline Lockington, a Starbucks-reward-card carrying member of the middle class: “We can sleep easy on our memory-foam mattresses now that we know the Prime Minister is on our side.”

“Some people say it’s just an empty symbol, but we really appreciate everything Trudeau has done for the Wookiee cosplay community since he wore those Chewbacca socks last month, and we’re confident he’ll help us out too,” she added.

“Recently I had to take out a second mortgage on my single-family home and pull my children out of karate classes”, said Felicity Lam of Oakville. “But ever since Trudeau wore his heart on his feet, I’ve realized he’s just doing his best.”

The Prime Minister’s sock choice was reportedly the result of months of intensive planning by the finance department.

At a press conference earlier this week, Trudeau’s director of communications had this to say: “The Prime Minister’s style choices demonstrate his goodwill not just towards Canadians struggling to save for their children’s university education, but also towards the country’s growing sock and stocking industry.”

When asked how he intends to back up this show of support, the Prime Minister announced “” and strode magnificently into his walk-in sock closet.

Trudeau reportedly plans to solve the Indigenous water crisis next month by wearing a sweater with a lake on it.