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Quebec demands English Canada recognize its distinct racism

CITY – The government of Quebec has passed a new law banning the Niqab as a way to prove that their brand of racism is unique and independent from the racism prevalent in the rest of .

“Sure there is racism in and but it’s that American style where cops harass black people or people appropriate Asian culture,” said premier Philippe Couillard. “Here we go for a more European, xenophobic style where we fear and oppress people wearing non-Christian religious symbols.”

“Also we are much more racist,” he added.

From language to food to belief that being a modern, progressive society means telling women what they can and cannot wear, Quebec is in many ways an island within Canada.

Already there is speculation that this new cultural independence could renew efforts to create a legally independent Quebec, free of Canada’s cultural influence and laws.

However this will likely face stiff opposition from Quebec’s racists, who are already furious at having to write their racial slurs in first.

Couillard meanwhile continued to insist the Niqab ban was necessary.

“At the end of the day we need to protect our institutions and traditions, just like our grandparents did when they ostracized immigrants.”