Guy you played summer hockey with in 2005 has some thoughts on your anti-nazi facebook post

Orangeville, ON – Sources are indicating that Steve, one of the guys who played on a Summer team with for three months back in 2005, disagrees with your post condemning Nazism.

“So what, we’re just calling everyone we disagree with Nazis now?” queried the guy you think played left wing, although that might have been the other Steve.

“The real Nazis these days are #” added the man who always forgot to bring beer when it was his turn.

Steve, a last minute replacement for your buddy Badger after he broke his leg, has had no contact with you since “The Cherry Pickers” lost in the semis. The last time he popped up in your newsfeed was when he posted a blurry photo of himself at the 2013 Boots & Heart music festival.

However a quick review of his facebook suggests he has hard opinions on a variety of subjects ranging from to why movies aren’t as good as they used to be.

At press time Steve was in a comment war with the girl you took one philosophy class with back in 2003.

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