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‘Antifa’ is the most dangerous group in the world other than most of the rest of them


A fringe group of black clad professional protest stormtroopers known as ‘’ have recently made headlines – thousands of headlines – despite the fact that they represent a small and ineffectual faction of far left activism. But just because a group is smaller, or relatively harmlessness in comparison to other groups, why should that stop us in the media from talking about them ad nauseum?

These antifa thugs are clearly the most hateful, powerful, and newsworthy group in North America, provided you ignore the KKK, neo Nazis, the Sons of Odin, La Meute, the 3 Percenters, the Proud Boys, heavily armed militia groups, and most of the Alt Right.

We’re all familiar with the many brazen and outrageous acts that antifa has committed. So familiar, that I won’t even bother to name or cite them, or even speak to a single antifa member. But it is precisely because of these unnamed — and definitely real — crimes, that antifa absolutely deserves the massive level of media scrutiny they are currently receiving.

One harkens back to the halcyon days of about a month ago, before we in the news media had ever heard the name “antifa”. In the bad old days, we were forced to fill columns and airtime reporting on the growing threat of well-armed and organized supremacist movements. But now that antifa has made a televised splash, we’re finally free to eschew the obvious angle of “these well-heeled organizations that hate minorities”, and explore the more exciting questions of “what if this other group was just as bad, or maybe more bad?”

Once you compartmentalize the growing threat of insurrectionist groups, well-equipped militias, and white nationalists infiltrating law enforcement, then you must agree that it’s imperative for the news media to air as many stories about antifa as humanly possible. I , they set fires once!

One only has to look at the unfortunate events of to determine who the real fascists are. Was it the dozens of rabble rousing antifa bullies, or the thousands of carrying torches and assault rifles and chanting “ will not replace us”? Well, if you pretend the second bigger group doesn’t exist, and you ascribe to my premise that one of the groups must be called fascist for some reason, then you have no choice but to agree that antifa are in fact the real fascists.

Lest we forget, is no exception to the that these statistically insignificant Antifa goons represent. Just last month a handful of angry far left Antifa thugs disrupted a peaceful protest by hundreds from ’s La Meute, simply because the well coordinated far right group had taken to the streets to broadcast their message of dog whistle islamophobia. It’s a well-known fact that a journalist can only write about one dangerous thing at a time, so of course we were left with no choice but to focus solely on antifa rather than a known anti-islam organization with thousands of active members online.

You see what antifa has done to us?