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Man returns from European vacation with fantastic tales of what they have on Netflix

OTTAWA — Local office temp Ryan Graydon has returned from his first-ever trip to eager to regale his friend with stories of the and available on European

“So much of what’s there is so old, like Rocky or even full seasons of The Dick Van Dyke Show,” gushed Graydon to his wide-eyed friends. “It’s just amazing to be surrounded by so much .”

“Having the option of watching the Simpsons dubbed into Italian was life changing,” he added.

The 28 year old first time traveller reports he was “blown away” upon discovering the various different content libraries available for each European country’s version of the popular video site. Despite the fact that he had saved for over a year to to pay for his 2-week vacation, Graydon reportedly spent over 95 hours in various hotel rooms watching streaming video content.

His travel itinerary brought him through 5 countries, each of which Graydon remarked had “its own unique culture” of Netflix.

“France’s Netflix is more highbrow, with classic movies like Casablanca. So much culture,” explained the young man who failed to sample any French wine or even watch a French movie on Netflix. “Also I didn’t think it was possible for Netflix to have any more Nazi documentaries until I got to .”

Still, Graydon admits his exploration of new and exotic Netflixes did sometimes leave him wistful for home. “All of that travel from hotel room to hotel room really makes you miss home. But fortunately every Netflix in the world has , in case I got too homesick.”

Graydon is reportedly weighing a trip next year to backpack around Japan’s Netflix, although he may just elect to pay for a VPN blocker instead.