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Shark pressed up against aquarium glass fascinated by wonders of human life

TORONTO—Reports show that Freddie, a 2-year old tiger shark at Ripley’s , has pressed himself up against the glass to get a closer look at the incredible spectacle of human life playing out on the other side.

“Look at him—his eyes are huge!” Kyle Harbin, the trainer of Freddie, commented to bystanders. “He’s just at an age where he’s learning about the world beyond himself.”

The shark reportedly became very excited when he got to see a human feeding on popcorn from a large carton container, and was touched when he saw a baby human fall asleep on its mother’s shoulder. Yet, he was quite confused as to how they managed to breathe without being submerged in water.

The shark had reportedly been interested in from its earliest days, but did not get the opportunity to interact with people other than his trainers until today.

“Just getting to see him soak in the wonder of what human beings look like in real life is truly special,” said Harbin. “I’m really proud he’s not like some of the other in here – banging on the glass, trying to get the humans to ‘do something.’

At press time, Freddie was seen asking his mother if he could take one home.

The shark reportedly experienced mixed feelings of fear, fascination, and admiration for the strange creatures wandering around the visitors area.

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