Amazing! Meet the vigilante garbage man who goes after the trash the city won’t touch! - The Beaverton

Amazing! Meet the vigilante garbage man who goes after the trash the city won’t touch!

In the city of , it’s estimated that only about 50% of waste is disposed of properly. It is believed this is mainly due to some of it being too hard to reach or too high profile to take out publicly.

Until now, that is!

One has had enough of litter infecting his city and is taking matters into his own hands. Enter Wally Hastings, who has wanted to be a ever since his were gunned down in an inexcusably trash-filled alley when he was a child. However, after 5 years on the job, he’s had enough of the corruption and inefficiency of the office. When his efforts to go public led to him being threatened by his fellow collectors, he knew he had to go rogue.

For the last few months, Hastings has been an illegally modified around town, going after the trash that, in some cases, has literally been swept under the rug. So far, he’s broken into several secure facilities to take out garbage cans that would normally never see a curbside, broke up a littering ring, and busted an illegal landfill site.

Truly the Serprico of waste disposal!

However, the public opinion on Hastings is divided. Some citizens admire his commitment to a clean Toronto. Others the day may come where he can’t tell where people end and trash begins. Maybe he’s just one step away from trying to throw out your couch while ’re still on it.

Hastings crusade of cleanliness has lead to him being posited as a pseudo-legendary figure. Some witnesses swear he has a trained raccoon, and a grapple gun hidden in his trash spear. More damning accounts have people finding him in their kitchen at night, sorting recyclables without a permit, or breaking the fingers of a man who just threw some batteries in a public garbage can.

Despite his image as a hero, the police have issued a warrant for his arrest and ask that anyone with relevant information come forward. One things for sure: when you see the fish skeleton insignia lighting up the night sky, you know it’s a bad day to be garbage in Toronto.