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Canadian power couple! Rachel McAdams just confirmed she’s dating Niagara Falls

St. Catharines, ON – After nearly a decade of “will they, won’t they” suspense, movie megastar has finally confirmed that she’s dating famous tourist destination Falls.

And it’s about time!

McAdams says she met the studly 51m waterfall while filming a movie about tightrope walkers crossing over the Falls and sources say since then the two have been in near-constant contact ever since.

“Sure, to some people it might be a massive rock formation with some water running over it,” said McAdams. “But to me, it’s the thundering waterfall that makes me coffee in the morning.”

For now, the two are living separately, with McAdams focusing on her career in LA and continuing its lucrative New York/Ontario residency. But McAdams says she’s hopeful she can convince the Falls to bring it’s 85,000 cubic feet per second flow rate to sunny California sometime soon.

“I keep telling the Falls – of course I have to yell to get a word in edgewise – that we could really use a waterfall of its talents,” said McAdams. “But sometimes it can be so stubborn. Just one of the reasons I love it!”

However, some say that Niagara Falls, despite its good-natured, Natural Wonder image, might not be the best match for McAdams.

“She’s like my best friend and I love to see her so happy but I don’t know what she thinks she’s doing,” said a source close to McAdams. “The Falls are just into her because she’s famous and its popularity is eroding. Literally.”

“Plus, didn’t it, like, kill a bunch of people by drowning them in barrels in the 20s? That’s fucked up.”

But no matter what the haters say, McAdams says she couldn’t be happier being part of the greatest Canadian power couple since Gordie Howe was briefly married to the Narcisse Snake Pits.

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