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Hero cat saves couch by barfing on carpet

MISSISSAUGA – The Ryan family , Cupcake was awarded the household medal of bravery after saving their brand new sectional by vomiting on the carpet instead.

“At first I thought it was a hairball but all of a sudden her undigested food just came shooting out”, said matriarch, Mary Ryan. “She was so fearless to get up from her midday and do it on the floor.”

Cupcake had spent most of that morning sleeping on piles of freshly cleaned laundry, so many were astonished by her quick thinking and cat-like reflexes.

“I haven’t seen Cupcake move like that since we made the mistake of buying her the wrong kind of food last Christmas”, remarked 10 year old son, Darren, who watched his mother clean up the mess while commenting, “gross” and “it smells like grandma”.

After the incident, Cupcake somehow managed to have enough energy saved up to knock over a glass, which was precariously close to the edge of a counter, thus reminding the Ryan family that safety is her number one priority.

“I don’t know what we would do without that cat”, confessed George Ryan, the father of the family. “We would probably be able to leave the butter out a lot more.”

At press time the family , Charles Barkley, was still locked in the basement for scooting on the rug.