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Leonard Cohen’s new album just hour-long 12 Hz vibration

– Canadian music icon has just released “The World as I Hear It,” a new folk-pop-blues album which contains a single 63-minute track recorded at the lowest frequency a human can hear under ideal laboratory conditions.

“Uhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn,” said Cohen, in reference to the influences for the album and his secret to creative longevity. “Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn [and so on].”

From Cohen’s debut in the late 1960s as a soft tenor, the musician’s voice has been steadily decreasing in pitch and coarseness. At his current age of 82, music reviewers as well as acoustic phoneticians have universally described his singing as “raspy”, “rattling” and “infrasonic,” like a “wind turbine yearning for love.”

Cohen’s demographics have also changed dramatically since his first album, from to baby elephants and porpoises, who are adept at hearing and emitting sound in the sub-bass range.

Columbia Records has refused to publish any more albums by Cohen, as they are afraid sound of any higher wavelength may cause vomiting, lung collapse, and loss of bowel control.