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Baseball announcer refuses to use the offensive term “Cleveland”

announcer Jerry Howarth will be refusing to call the Blue Jay’s ALCS opponents by their city’s name as some find the word “Cleveland” to be downright offensive.

“I have stopped using that term after I visited the team,” explained Horwath who has been with the Blue Jays since 1981 “From now on, I’m just going to call the club “The Other Team from Ohio.” I don’t want fans to relive the awful memories that I continue to endure every time I visit that city.”

Many Americans do find the term “Cleveland” offensive especially those in neighbouring Cincinnati. When people hear that word, they often associate it with feelings of bankruptcy and an NFL team that can’t seem to win.

“This name is associated with a clear disregard for the environment, such as when the river caught on fire in 1969, and there’s a constant smell of decomposing raccoon mixed with gunpowder,” added the veteran broadcaster.

Meanwhile, Canadians were scorning their American counterparts for using indigenous mascots especially Eskimo fans.