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Yahoo Mail users confused by revamped features, email in general

WORLDWIDE – Despite the release of numerous online tutorials and step-by step instructions, mail users worldwide report extreme confusion around the upgraded design of the email service, and around the fact that typed messages can be sent over thousands of miles from computer to computer instantaneously.

“There are two things I need explained to me if I’m going to continue as a Yahoo Mail user,” said Mindy Smith of , “how do I sort my contacts, and how is it possible that my words can be received by my daughter in Charlotte without any physical means of transportation? Do they even have that on ?”

In addition to confusion over the new search function, users of the service were also concerned about the increased prominence of advertisements on the email page, and about the ever-expanding, almost terrifying ability to share information that human beings now possess.

Richard Howey of Oakville had similar misgivings. “Look, I’ve been using mail for a long time. I know there are lots of things mail can do—mail can carry birthday cards, bills, et cetera, maybe even a parcel. But mail cannot simply travel through space and time from one city to another in seconds like, like some kind of superman. It just doesn’t happen like that. Also, why is there a little square telling me to buy Viagra beside the letter. Do I have to buy Viagra to send this thing? What if I don’t want to buy Viagra?”

Not surprisingly, Yahoo has received numerous user complaints. Larry Quelp of Nelson sent the following email to Yahoo to describe his dislike: “Yahoo Mail Yahoo Headquarters 701 1st Ave, Sunnyvale CA 94089 United States [double line break] Dear Sir: I find your changed service highly confusing. Kindly consider reverting if at all possible. [Double line break] Most sincerely, Larry Quelp [double line break] Larry Quelp 297 Birdhead Rd., Nelson, BC, V1L 4E7 Canada. [double line break] P.S. How do stamps work with e-mail? Do I have to scan them on to my computer?”

Some users, however, acquiesced to the changes without complaint. Said Ellen Emry of Brandon, Manitoba, “I don’t like the new Yahoo mail, but it’s no big deal–I can always upgrade to an floppy disk instead.”