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Streamer describes relationship with girlfriend as “Soulslike”

Twitch, Ontario – Local video streamer DubLub has described his current relationship relationship as a “Soulslike.”

“It’s not for everyone,” continued DubLub. “But it really is an amazing experience if you’re willing to grind and work hard on it. It’s about learning patterns. When she asks about pizza, she wants pizza. And the bosses are awesome, by which I mean the screaming matches we get into.”

DubLub has said that while Elden Ring and Dark Souls 3 really tested his limits, they are nothing compared to the difficulty of this new experience, role-playing as himself on the adventure of sharing his own insecurities and life with someone who leaves mostly environmental clues rather than, “explains story through exposition.” 

“For example, I found an empty toilet roll next to the toilet after I had already pooped,” explained DubLub. “Most might just walk by this, but what this told me was that my girlfriend was here earlier, used the toilet paper, and now I had to solve the puzzle of how to wipe without any readily available paper.”

Another aspect the streamer believes makes his relationship ‘soulslike’ is its open-world design, by which he meant how their relationship is open to other “players.” He described one of these partners as a man named “letmesoloher” who entered their home, gave her girlfriend the best sex of her life, and then left only wearing a waist-cloth and cauldron over his head.

DubLub believes what truly makes this Soulslike different from others is the complete lack of save points, meaning if he makes a mistake like leaving his clothes all over the floor leaving his partner to feel like she has to become his ‘mom’ even though that’s the last thing he wants her to feel, he was just busy working and had not noticed how messy their smaller apartment had gotten, he can’t go back and retry.

When DubLub’s partner was asked if she agreed to all of this, she responded that the relationship is more like that Gollum game that came out earlier this year in that, “she doesn’t know why it exists, and isn’t surprised it’s terrible.”