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Pretending to be flight attendant closest Poilievre has been to having a real job

– Career politician , excited a handful of members of a captive audience with an impromptu in-flight announcement as though he were a member of the flight crew, which is as close to having a real world as he has ever been.

“Who’s ready for more slogans from me?” intoned Poilievre over the airplane PA to a smattering of applause. “Who’s ready for a bag of peanuts? Who’s ready to put their seat in an upright position?”

“He captivated me with his squinty-eyed gaze and nasal delivery,” said passenger Lisa Barnet, a Conservative delegate whose job is dependent upon supporting Poilievre. “When he talked about common sense, I didn’t think about the Mike Harris disaster in . I thought about Euro-centric dog whistles.”

“I really liked the part where he talked about housing,” said delegate Bill Davidson. “He knows a lot about getting extra houses from the government, like the one he lives in on the taxpayer dime.”

After doing a real job for five-ish minutes Poilievre collapsed in exhaustion and demanded his staff bring him a Fresca.

Poilievre, whose non-governmental is thinner than his veneer of empathy for voters, is popular among people who hard every day to put money into a pension that won’t support them in old age – despite the fact that he qualified for a parliamentary pension at age 32. However, he is used to being a living contradiction as the married father of two gives off heavy incel energy.

In related flight , Prime Minister ’s office is denying that his flight back from India was delayed because of his in-flight performance of “beatbox Bhangra” over the airplane PA.