We replaced all our writers with ChatGPT. Here are its first 10 headlines! - The Beaverton

We replaced all our writers with ChatGPT. Here are its first 10 headlines!

Great news everyone! Just like other friendly media sites who exist to remind you of pop culture moments you vaguely enjoyed while selling you a mattress in a box, we’ve gone ahead and fired all our writers! From now on every single piece of satire you read on will be generated by , the brilliant piece of technology that can mimic just about any style of human like essays, rap lyrics or official government statements. Hopefully that last one doesn’t cause any massive global conflicts anytime soon!

Anyway we went ahead and fed our entire archive of hundreds of thousands of articles into the program, as well as all the latest news stories from Canada and beyond. In no time at all it generated 10 hilarious satirical headlines for your enjoyment. Check them out!

  1. Chris Hadfield fucks?

2 Anti-vaxxers finally agree to get vaccinated but only in the bum and/or bum

3. Canadian man eats Canadian Poutine while in Canada because Canada

4. Jordan Peterson announces pronouns are idi/ot

5. is in my basement again

6. Doug Ford admits he hates Greenbelt because a tree killed his brother. Not Rob another brother you’ve never heard of. His name was Cyrus and he liked mystery novels and yodelling and a tree fucking killed him. It killed him! He was young and innocent and yodelling and a tree got him. It wasn’t like in that M. Night Shamalan movie The Happening where the trees like send poison either. A tree grew legs, walked up to Cyrus and stabbed him. And that’s why houses on Greenbelt. Because a tree killed his brother. Not Rob…[this went on for several pages]

7. announces that eggs now cost 5 million Weston Bucks

8. “I’m worried about taking over everywhere,” says who is a stupid dumb man who should not be listened to because Robots are neat

9. Pierre Poilievre is in my basement too and he keeps talking about how terrible it is here

10. Dumb Week: Local man, local woman shop local, eat local, shit local

So there you go! Look forward to more headlines and full articles from our new AI powered website just as soon as we finish kicking our crying former writers out of the office. Remember to buy our merch or donate to our Ko-Fi to support us!