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Canada to allow international students to work more hours to expedite exploitation

, ON- has finally stepped into the 19th century by removing labour limits on how many hours are allowed to , so that they don’t need to wait for graduation to be unfairly treated by employers

“For too long, students on visas have faced countless barriers to being taken advantage of,” Minister of Immigration Sean Frasier said last week. “These changes are should create as many terrible opportunities for international students as there are for their native counterparts a lot sooner.”

“With these limits removed, students studying abroad in Canada won’t have to wait as long to get to a key part of the Canadian immigrant experience; doing work they’re overqualified because no Canadian-born person wants to do it,” Frasier added.

Frasier also pointed out that getting rid of the cap on work hours will allow Canada to finally be seen as a world leader for young people to study/be ripped off by employers. “The U.S. is currently exploiting their international students at almost 5 times our rate. At this rate, we might be able to offer as lousy an experience studying abroad as Australia.”

In response, many international students have weighted in.

“This is great! Before, my only incentive to hire on a student visa was if I wanted to subtly steal their wages or make them do needlessly dangerous things that aren’t their ,” said Will Ashton, who runs a convenience store in and swears that’s all it is. “Which I can still do now, but for more than 20 hours a week.”

These new changes have been lauded by many universities and colleges, especially Toronto Metropolitan, which is just thankful that now more of their students are finally going to be able to find work besides coffee shops near their campus.