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10 craziest things the FBI found in Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate

In the wake of the ’s raid into his private quarters at the Mar-A-Lago , there are many questions to be answered about what the investigation means for Donald , the government and the country at large. But while we wait for the Civil War to begin, let’s do a tally of the weirdest shit the FBI found!

1. Empty VHS box covers for every Meg Ryan movie ever made

2. Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack on vinyl

3. ‘Best of Stormy Daniels’ DVD

4. Dozens of Wonder Woman posters signed by the actor who played her in the 70s show

5. A sixth Trump child named Horace

6. An entire room filled floor to ceiling with empty coke cans

7. Some loose bones

8. Dog-eared copy of “If I Did It” by O.J. Simpson

9. Boxes and boxes of ’s toys, never opened

10. -size models of the Xenomorph from Alien and the Predator from Predator holding hands