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BodyBreak duo returns to television for gritty origin story reboot

TORONTO – Netflix Canada announced today that they have signed a deal with BodyBreak creative team Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod to produce a new and updated origin story reboot of the beloved Canadian franchise.

The new installment follows decades of speculation among fans about whether BodyBreak, which has always been an integral and important part of the CanCon Universe (CCU), will ever deal with the plotlines left hanging when the series was abruptly cancelled in 1997.  

“Hal and Joanne have more than 30 years of unresolved storylines and fans want answers,” says producer Paul K Ruhe. “With this deal, fans will be able to experience BodyBreak taking his rightful place among others in the CCU, and delve deeper into the mysterious backstories and motivations of the characters.

“We felt it was time to explore the darker elements of the Bodyverse,” says star Joanne MacLeod. “In our 90 second segments we never had time to broach the complex topics of Hal’s Gatorade drinking problem or my compulsive vitamin C use, and I’ve always wanted to look into what we in the business refer to as the ‘Great Del Monte Fruit Cup Incident of 1993’, which underscored the entire fifth season of the original show.”

Netflix Canada is also exploring opportunities to integrate characters from the greater CanCon Universe into the series, and have reportedly been in talks with House Hippo, Caillou, and the folks behind the “Don’t You Put It In Your Mouth” campaign. Negotiation with the Mr Dressup puppets have also been rumoured, but may be complicated by hostility betweem Casey and Finnegan, whose working relationship deteriorated following a money laundering scandal in the early 2000’s.

Franklin LaTortue, Chairman and CEO of Netflix Canada summed up by saying, “BodyBreak is one of Canada’s great series, beloved by the nation. We’re thrilled to bring the iconic duo to an international audience. This is the right decision for the franchise, for Netflix, for BodyBreak, and for the fans. Until next time, keep fit and have fun!”