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Representation Win! This new queer show features a buff gay man

, QC – Fans are calling for a representation win after this new show features a buff gay man.

“The 2slgbtq+ community is such a diverse community,” began showrunner Max Gould. “A community made up of a wide range of people with various identities, body types, sex characteristics, gender expressions, you name it! So, we decided to represent the complexity and multiplicity of the community in our show by featuring a gay man sculpted like a Grecian statue!”

The show, which was released last week, follows a group of young, symmetrical twenty-somethings as they try to navigate the bustling , coming out, biceps, coming of age, bulging pectorials, drugs, abs, sex, more abs, doing drugs off abs, and neon lights.

“It’s just nice to see how a community that has fought so long and hard for visibility, finally be represented in media” began Jay Wu, a gay man who has already binged the first season. “Nothing says #visibilitymatters like propping up the most palpable, western, version of a beauty standard and calling it representation!”

According to Gould, the show will feature a diverse group of performers across the 2slgbtq+ community like a white gay saying “werk”, a drag queen snapping a fan, and a lesbian in a bowling shirt.

“This show is quite revolutionary and we’re pushing boundaries” exclaimed Gould, “For example, we wrote in a character who is non-binary and instead of exploring the nuances of gender expression and identity, we asked the wardrobe person to put them in a mesh top, dye the actor’s vibrant green, and give them a dangly cross earring to wear. Then we cut all their lines”

In an official press release, production for season two and three are already underway. “I can’t give away too much but story arcs may or may not include our hunky gay main character falling in love with a carbon copy of himself – but Brazilian – and oh, trauma! Lots of trauma.”