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Attractive woman doesn’t understand why no one will tell her about Bitcoin

CALGARY – restaurant hostess and former beauty queen Sonia Norris is desperate for a man to tell her about , and can’t fathom why none of them will.

“Nothing turns me on more than the thought of a guy telling me about Bitcoin for six hours without taking a single breath,” Norris said. “But Calgary only want to talk about their feelings, or worse yet, ask me questions about my life.”

enthusiasts are famously shy,” said expert Sheryl Yang. “They know how eager women are to be on the receiving end of a practised rant about the inevitable collapse of fiat currencies. But these men live in that they’ll lead someone into a risky investment. And if it were to permanently crash, they’d never forgive themselves.”

A 26-year-old Moncton-based broker, speaking on condition of anonymity, said learning about the intricacies of Bitcoin is his passion, but he cringes at the thought of describing it to a date.

“The topic is so obscure and jargon-heavy, I can’t imagine any woman with a brain and a sense of self-worth wanting to hear me talk about it.” At this point he burst into tears and ran from the interview.

“I’ve talked about this with my girlfriends,” said Norris. “Every one of them is a model or a ballet dancer, by the way, and they’ve all experienced the same thing. Why won’t anyone tell us about Bitcoin? I came into a pretty sizable inheritance recently, but I’ll probably end up blowing it on something silly like or municipal bonds.”

“The wild fluctuations of the stock market terrify me,” Norris continued. “So I want to put all of my into something whose value will just keep rising and rising forever. And I’m pretty sure that thing is Bitcoin. Won’t anyone help me? I’ll send nudes.”