Unvaccinated truckers demand Canada's government change US government's rules on unvaccinated truckers - The Beaverton

Unvaccinated truckers demand Canada’s government change US government’s rules on unvaccinated truckers

– Hundreds of truckers took to the to demand the reversal of the federal Canadian government’s US federal government’s decision to not allow unvaccinated truckers into the .

Confused onlookers and motorists applauded what they thought was a very late Christmas parade as the long string of big rigs stretched across the Trans Highway.

“I can’t even break quarantine laws in my own country because I won’t be allowed to enter the US!” said one irate trucker. “Canada must call off US Customs and lift President ’s oppressive laws.”

Many of the unvaccinated protesters explained that a government can’t force them to be vaccinated or have a basic understanding of civics and national sovereignty.

“We’re going to and then Washin…well, we’ll get as close to Washington, DC as possible,” said a member of the who unwittingly joined a veiled Wexit protest.