Wow! This cat detected his owner's undiagnosed cancer and isn't going to do anything about it - The Beaverton

Wow! This cat detected his owner’s undiagnosed cancer and isn’t going to do anything about it

Me-Wow! When four-year-old Miles noticed his owner’s pallid skin and increasingly sluggish behaviour, he immediately clocked the Stage I carcinoma slowly growing in owner Sophia Reinhart’s left shoulder but isn’t about to be the one to tell her about it.

Miles, who has known for weeks now about the malignant cluster of cells forming inside of his owner, has chosen to remain silent for no reason other than his own capricious feline nature.

While the short-haired Maltese could easily paw at his owner’s side and meow pleadingly until Reinhart realizes his sudden change in behaviour means something is wrong, Miles is instead content with staring at an interesting leaf from atop his backyard window perch.

Reinhart, who has raised Miles since he was just an itty-bitty kitten, is finely attuned to the feline and would know in her gut that something was wrong from an action as simple as him sniffing at her and cocking his head.

Oncologists agree the tumour, if caught at this stage, could be managed without the need for surgery or chemotherapy were it not for the cat’s complete towards the person who loves him more than anything else in this world.

While mum’s still the word on the terrible disease festering inside of Reinhart as far as Miles is concerned, the cat is currently weighing the pros and cons of warning his owner about the earthquake expected in 35 minutes.