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Breaking: Cat unimpressed

KAMLOOPS, BC – After several alarming reports, we can now confirm that the Jacobs family house cat, Jojo is not having any of it. “He won’t eat, he won’t respond to his name. He’s just kind of st…


Sweater mostly cat hair at this point

MONTAGUE, PEI – Sporting her favourite sweater for a weekend gathering, friends of local woman Theresa McCallum, 34, revealed today that the black turtleneck she was wearing was undeniably …


Exclamation! Numeral adjective pet verb!

Hey, Beaverton readers! We’re excited to announce we’re now posting cute pet listicles! Enjoy! 1) Hey! This adjective pet [dog/cat/other?] is verb my body part associated with emotion [brain/hear…


Tortoise agonizing over putting down pet human

CANBERRA — After 78 years of companionship, local tortoise Sally Lansdowne is debating whether to euthanize her ailing pet human, Phil. The Caucasian-breed homo sapien was adopted by Lansdo…