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“At least the prequels were bad” argues confused Star Wars fan not knowing what he wants anymore

RED DEER, MB – Local fan Geoff Stirling, 37, has written a recent article online arguing that he himself doesn’t know what he’d like to argue about Star Wars.

“It’s just nice to finally accurately explain my views on the Star Wars franchise,” said Stirling, who posts under the username Tattooweenie. “The original three movies were perfect, then the prequels came along and they were awful and boring and I watch clips from them every day. Now as we all know, the prequel films are now better than the other 6 films because Rise of Skywalker was just okay and not horrible. They also completely trashed Finn and Rose’s storylines which is so unfair because I absolutely hated those characters and then they just remove them from the movie. Like, what the hell?”

Star Wars fans have rallied to support and share Stirling’s post claiming it finally understands exactly how they feel.

“No one is arguing that the prequels were actually good except they were and that’s what a lot of people believe,” commented user RichardSolo4. “However, the new movies are just so bad they’re almost worse than the prequels which therefore makes them worse than the prequels. All I want is Star Wars similar to what I’ve seen before, which is why I hate The Force Awakens because it is so similar to the things I’ve seen before. The fans want more, which we’ll fucking hate.”

The outpour of Star Wars fans finally making their view clear has led Disney to announce they will be taking the feedback into consideration, creating worlds and characters that fit within this new and internally inconsistent framework.

“We have read the posts and we now understand what you’re all about,” tweeted the official Disney Twitter account. “Star Wars is all about creating amazing characters with stupid origin stories, annoying characters that are written into every plot and subplot, and scenes that are filled with nostalgia but completely different than everything that has happened before. Message received 🙂 “

While fans have clearly confusing opinions on the direction of the Star Wars franchise as a whole, they have also shared a very clear opinion of Mandolorian actress and vocal transphobe Gina Carano in that they want her to stay in the show as long as they never have to see, hear, or think about her ever again.