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Anti-maskers celebrate Daft Punk breakup

– Anti-maskers celebrated today after the announcement that , pioneering electronic musicians known for monster hits like “Get Lucky” and their robot helmet aesthetic, announced that they were breaking up after 28 years as a band.

“Those French boys were wearing masks way before the government even told us we had to,” said anti-mask advocate Frank Tannenbaum. “In my books that makes them kind of suspicious. Why do you need a mask to make bleep-bloop computer music, anyway?”

While Tannenbaum was never a fan of the duo’s work, he considers any time a person decides to stop wearing their mask during the -19 a victory for so-called free thinkers. Similar statements were echoed by other commenters today across .

“People around the world who take off their masks are doing it right,” said self described wellness expert Sarah Saleem in a caption on Instagram. “There is something about us instantly crushing the tyranny of government regulation that proves anti-maskers are harder, faster, and stronger than the average sheep thinkers out there.”

In , a local anti-mask Facebook page titled “Open Throats/Open Minds” suggested that maybe Daft Punk could be the official soundtrack for all of the anti-mask that are sure to happen across the city when the improves. Others were excited that celebrities from across political spectrums were coming around to their side.

“Before Daft Punk decided to give up on masks the biggest celebrities on our side were like…I don’t know…Adam Corolla? It’s nice to finally have some A-listers on board even if they haven’t really worked in almost a decade.”