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Man without savings account loves to discuss his concerns about the economy

CALGARY – A local man without a savings account has discovered a new passion for ripping on the nation’s complicated, finely balanced .

“These are dark times for investors and financial speculators,” said Thomas Cameron, whose RBC debit card still has the little cartoon lion on it from when his opened the account in 1994. “If this government doesn’t get out of the way of the free market, we’re all in trouble.”

Cameron’s interest in economics seems to be not at all motivated by personal investments, savings, or RRSPs, though he is a devout listener to Kevin O’Leary’s podcast, How to Buy a Killer Boat and Other Financial Advice.

“I don’t need railway bonds or bitcoin or whatever to know that the government is overspending on basically everything: , administration, regulation, all of it,” Cameron continued while attempting to fish a quarter out of his piggy bank, an old water cooler bottle mostly filled with pennies. “I don’t know if it’s the hormones or what, but Freeland is out of her tree.”

Mr. Cameron’s beliefs are echoed by his parents, pay his as well as the dry dock fees for his jetski. When asked about their son’s seemingly precarious personal financial literacy, they dismiss any concerns outright.

“The is comfortable enough that we don’t really worry about ,” said Marion Cameron, when reached at her mansion in Calgary’s prestigious Britannia district. “Unless it’s being taken away from us to fund this ridiculous spendthrift government and the welfare state. Taxation is theft, in that it robs me of the third Tuscan remodel of my dreams.”

When asked what he plans to do with his passion for economics and his vast generational wealth, Thomas barely stifles a grin.

“I’m supposed to say politics, right?” Cameron said. “I tried to run for the , but they told me ‘I don’t look like I drink enough milk’. We’ll have to see where the wind takes me.”

Cameron then handed over his business card, listing his job title as “Hustler/King of the Grind.”