“Wearing a mask infringes on my rights,” says local woman who doesn’t vote - The Beaverton

“Wearing a mask infringes on my rights,” says local woman who doesn’t vote

ST. CATHARINES, ON – Local woman Meghan Landon attended an anti-mask protest this past Monday where she proclaimed her dislike for the government-imposed law, despite having never voted in a governmental election in her life. 

“I just hate how politicians get to make choices for us,” she explained, while vigorously waving a “Masks Are for Ugly People” sign in the faces of passersby. “I just wish there was something  I could do to make my OWN choice for once.”

Landon, a 34-year-old high school history teacher, attributes her political inactivity to her belief that elections are a waste of time. “People listen to my concerns more at these rallies than if I ever voted,” she expressed, as a group of mask-clad bystanders with their headphones on aggressively brushed past her. “Everyone wants to hear what we have to say!”

When asked if she would go to the polls if an opportunity arose to vote against the mandatory mask mandate, Landon could not conjure up a solid answer. “Maybe… I don’t know… depends on how long the lines are,” she stated. “And there’s something about those little voting screens that just really freak me out, so I’d have to see.”

Kira Landon, Meghan’s 13-year old daughter who supports the mask law, has conflicting thoughts on her mom’s choice to not participate in politics. “If she actually took the time to vote, maybe she wouldn’t complain as much about the outcome,” she explained. “Do I think she should be allowed to vote with her beliefs? Probably not. But for arguments sake, I guess she still should anyway.”

 At press time, Landon is arranging a protest to fight against “anti-democratic” temperature checks.